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Located in Beautiful Ka'anapali by The Sea

Maui, HI.

Stroboscopic Cat

Through the Lens

My name is Magique. That translates to MAGICAL. My Mom says I am!

Stroboscopic Cat



The Eye







Orchid Tour 1Orchid Tour 2

Stroboscopic Creations----Orchid Tour 1----Orchid Tour 2

Orchid Tour 3

Stroboscopic Creation----Orchid Tour 3

Orchid Tour 4

Stroboscopic Creation----Orchid Tour 4

Trained by Nikon ---Influenced by Monet, Techniques of Ansel Adams. Her style has been said to be reminiscent of Georgia O'Keeffe.  A method of how to blend all of this has been taught to her by present day artist, Fay Sirkis.  These greats have been her guiding light and have aided her in producing a style that is uniquely her own. Semoia feels wonderful to have received such complements as a Nikon Rep.  saying to her, 'You know what we don't know how to teach' and  a local directness of a fine gallery called her to say ' I have never seen anything like it before, your work is exquisite, I cannot get it out of my mind.'

Printing is done on the finest paper that Semoia Lin can find. Each paper has different properties and produces different effects upon the creation. It is with great attention that the papers are chosen to best augment the particular style. Some papers come from Japan and others come from France. There is one that is reminiscent of raw silk and another is Japanese Rice Paper, Etc., Etc., Etc. The Stroboscopic images are on one of the French papers that resemble velvet. It provides equal depth of color as the Monet paper yet gives it a softness simultaneously that almost makes you want to stroke it.

Music By Lei'ohu Ryder. She sings of The Celebration of Life, The Breath of Spirit, My Home by The Sea and To Life. Lei'ohu is a

spiritualist, a chanter, an educator, and my friend.

These meles, songs, come from Waiha the third of her nine albums, the meles are, in order, Kou Aloha, Waiha, Wai'ehu'ehu, and Oli Ola.

I hope you love them and the sweetness of Lei'ohu's voice as much as Semoia. There has been an addition of fireworks at the appropriate location for the Lion Dance as they set off Fireworks to keep the bad spirits away for The New Year

Verbatim copy of article written about Semoia in

The Maui No Ka Oi Magazine

As Reviewed by The Maui No Ka ‘Oi Magazine
Walk into the studio of Semoia Lin and enter a new dimension of art.  Semoia is known for an insatiable appetite for learning new techniques, using what she calls “my Nikon eyes.”  By integrating high-tech photography and multiple layers of computer programs, she “paints” her images with extraordinary depth of color, texture, and perhaps even a bit of mysticism.  “The Ancient Masters strived for depth and impact,” says Semoia  “Using different tools, I strive to achieve that same result.”  A Nikon representative once told her “You know what we don’t know how to teach.”  After a recent studio show, one Canadian admirer summed it up in a letter to the artist, “Your art is something I have not seen before I appreciate the creative energy and time you have taken to produce such unique pieces.”  Adds Semoia,  “It’s an exquisite dance to make it look like it never met a camera. The review was together with this picture,lone of those that is to be used at The Na Pua Gallery, Grand Wailea, Maui,
Na Pua Gallery
Creations Supreme , one of MANY Styles---It might not look it, but this is an orchid.

NOTES: The control bar on the lower left of each slide show is very similar to that of a DVD player. *Click on the double line to pause the slide show and study the image. The square icon takes you back to the beginning of the show instead of just stopping. The arrow has a lag time, it WILL re-start. When you click an icon the control panel disappears. It will come back as soon as you hover your mouse over the area.

There is approximately a forty-five second lag at the end of each slide show for the rewind to take place. The monitor turns black during that time.


The color spectrum of the images have been chosen to harmonize with each other as they are in close proximity within the studio. You may have a requirement for different colors that can probable be found in the second slide show of Le Collection.' I also do custom work.


Sunset Over Infinity Pool with OceanSunset over Infinity Pool w OceanOne Year in The Creating of this Watercolor Style

The Lion Dance is represents the welcoming of The Chinese The Year of The Snake , Maui Style. I don't think too many places in the world can beat Maui for the shear opulence of the locations. The pictures start at The Grand Weilea and then go to The Four Seasons, The Shops of Weilea and then on to The Streets of Lahaina, culminating at The WoHing Temple. It is one of the oldest Chinese temples in the western hemisphere. There were several fireworks displays during this event as Lions danced up and down the the corridors of hotels, The Shops and through the streets of Lahaina.

Through the Lens

The Cat

Magique w Tibetian Flag, Verticle

If the location you wish to place the image is not a standard size I will customize the size of the image for you.

Custom Murals can be created in 36 or 44 inches up to the length of the roll of the selected paper


and Framing upon request.

It is not possible to show the true quality and the emotions these images conjure within you when you are able to see them in person. The impact of the size that shows the details and the papers are quite dramatic. I therefore make two offerings to you. One is to come to the studio so you are able to view in person, and the other is to send you a small paper sample of the paper used for whichever image you are interested in. The sample paper but it is the best I know how to do. It mortifies me that the work cannot be presented to show its quality. When The Masters of Yesteryear painted the first few layers were called a sketch only after those layers were completed were the finest of details added. When you look on the net, it looks like their sketch. The depth and intensity just cannot be conveyed.

808 419 67 93/Studio---Hawaiian Time

808 870 62 35/Cell

Contact Semoia Lin for Pricing and Availability. She needs the code on the image and any special size requirements, she will at that time, check on the amount of images available due to their being a limited editions.